Brain Cancer

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Brain cancer also known as brain tumor or intracranial neoplasm is a medical condition when there is a formation of abnormal kind of cells within the brain. Thesekinds of tumors can be divided in to two kinds. The first one is the primary tumor. A primary tumor is the kind where the tumor starts within the brain itself. The second one is the brain metastasis where the tumor is spread into the brain from somewhere else.

Brain cancer

All kind of tumors of the brain vary and produce further symptoms which depend on the part involved of the brain. Some classical symptoms includeseizures, headaches, vision problems, occasional vomiting and changes in the mental state.  The headache the worst scenario in the mornings and is gone when there is presence of vomiting.  Some specific problems may be including problems while walking, problems in speaking and sensation related problems. As there is progression of the disease, unconsciousness may be a part of a regular on going.

Causes and risk factors of Brain Cancer

An exact cause of the disease in most of the present cases remains hidden and unknown. There are a few risk factors involved on a few occasions namely neurofibromatosis which is genetic in nature. Exposure to Epstein-Barr virus of exposure to a chemical called vinyl chloride and ionizing radiation might also be risk factors for the same.  The evidence regarding the use of mobile phone is no clear.

A few mutations or any kind of deletions of the related tumor suppressor genes like the TP53 may be considered a few forms of the brain tumors. If a person has an inherited disease of genetic kind, there is a possibility that he or she may develop brain tumor in nature.

Signs and symptoms of Brain Cancer

The signs and symptoms are dependent of two things namely the size of the tumor and the location of the tumor. The onset of the symptoms, in the developing of the following neoplasm depends on many cases, on the tumor’s nature and also to the change in the neoplasm from a benign one to a malignant one which grows early with a fast growing nature. The symptoms are divided in three main categories:

The results of the hypertension (intracranial) – One of the first symptoms to spear are that of the intracranial hypertension. It causes nausea, headaches unconsciousness. In kids, it might cause bulging of the fontanelles.

Dysfunction – There might be a presence of focal neurologic symptomatology like the cognitive impairment of the behavioral impairment.

Irritation might be another symptom as it results in fatigue. Fatigue occurs much abnormally at times. There is presence of weariness. Absences and tremors are regular with epileptic seizures.

Treatment of Brain Cancer

When there is a diagnosis of the brain tumor, a surgery is planned. Neurosurgeons take some time to assess the condition of the tumor but eventually a surgery is needed if the progress of the tumor is dangerous.

Treatment with radiotherapy is the most common. It is done with x rays or beta rays or gamma rays. Chemotherapy is also a good option to begin with.