Cervical Cancer

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It is the type of cancer originating from the cervix. It occurs due to a subsequent abnormal growing cells having the capability of invasion or spreading to other different body parts. There are no typical kinds of symptoms in the early stages. Some symptoms later include vaginal bleeding which is abnormal in nature, pain in the pelvic areas or a likely pain during a sexual intercourse.

Cervical cancer

The human papilloma virus is majorly appeared to be in the involvement in development of around 90% of the cases or more. However, most people who get affected with the infections do not develop the cervical cancer or the tendency to develop cervical cancer. A few other risk factors include that of regular smoking or chain smoking, weakening of immune system or already presence of a weak immunity, usage of birth controlling pills, starting of sexual intercourse at young age. Also having many or multiple sexual partner also serves as a risk factor but this factor does not count as an important one.

There are a few types of cervical cancers. Majority of them are squamous cell carcinomas, around 90%, around 10% of them are adenocarcinoma and a small number of them are of other types. All across the globe the cervical cancer is a very common cancer type and the fourth most death causing death from the types of cancer in women. In developed nations, more and more years of cervical cancer programs of screening has decreased the cervical cancer rates all over the countries.

Causes of Cervical Cancer

Infections with human papilloma virus and a few of its types serves as the biggest risk for the kind of cervical cancer, which is next followed by smoking. One of the other factors is the human immunodeficiency virus. Not every cause of the cervical cancer is known but all the other factors which contribute have been implied. Genital warts are also caused by different strains of HPV virus. But this is not in relation with the cervical cancer.

Smoking is identified as another important cause of this type of cancer. There are some ways in which smoking increases the risk of cervical cancer in the females both directly and indirectly. If a woman is human papilloma virus positive, and she is a smoker along with that, the risk of developing this kind of cancers are more and thus smoking is linked in a way to cervical cancer.

Treatment of Cervical Cancer

The treatment of cervical cancer is varying in different parts of the world in some different ways. This occurs due to differences amongst developed and developing nations. A cancer which is micro invasive in nature can be treated by the means of hysterectomy which involves removal of the uterus entirely including the part of vagina. For the next stage, there is removal of lymph nodes as well.

A trachelectomy can also be done in a radical way either abdominally or vaginally. Complications during this surgery or post-surgery are uncommon although women after surgery are susceptible to miscarriage. It is recommended that there should be a waiting period of one year after the surgery in getting pregnant again. And indulging in safe sex practice is always better to prevent HPV infection.