Eye Cancer

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Eye cancer is the kind of cancer originating in the eye as the name suggests. All the tumors related to the eye are dealt in the field of ocular oncology. The cancer of the eye has the tendency to affect all the parts of an eye. The starting of the eye cancer can be primary in nature which means that it starts from the eye.

Eye Cancer

It can also be metastatic meaning that the spread of cancer was to the eye may be from another organ. Two most common kinds of cancers spreading to the eye from some other organs are namely breast carcinoma (breast cancer) and cancer of the lung. A few other kinds include prostrate, the kidneys, thyroid glands, the skin and the colon. Blood or bone marrow might also be a possibility.

Signs and symptoms of Eye Cancer

Signs and symptoms of eye cancer are given below

  • In the case of melanomas of the choroid or the ciliary bodies or the uvea, there might be shown no further symptoms. The person may have no idea of a tumor until or unless an ophthalmologist or an optometrist looks through an ophthalmoscope into the eye while performing a routine test. As there is growth of the tumor, blurring of vision occurs along with decreased vision, doubling of vision eventual loss of vision. If there is a continuation, the tumor can grow breaking past the retina which causes further retinal detachment. In a few instances, the tumor is visible through the means of pupil.
  • A benign freckle in the eye is called as a nevus. These should be watched out for and regular checking of the eyes should be conducted in order to ensure whether if the tumor has transformed in to a melanoma or not.
  • There might be presence of melanomas or simply presence of iris and tumors of the conjunctiva. They are normally present in the form of a dark spot. If there is a spot on the conjunctiva or iris, and it continues to grow, it must be checked for.
  • Retinoblastomas or crossed eyes mean a yellowish or a possible whitish glow by the means of pupil appearing in the eyes. This results in further loss of vision. A few times, the eyes become reddish causing some amount of pain. These can have their occurrence in both the eyes. The occurrence is majorly in the babies and children of younger age. For this the photographs of the children are checked where the presence of whitish or yellowish dots instead of reddish eye reflex is seen. In this case, attention of a doctor is advised.

Treatment of Eye Cancer

Treatment options for eye cancer are:

  • Laser therapy is one of the most used treatments in the cases of eye cancers.
  • Radiotherapy might be considered on the approval of the ophthalmologist in association with the radiation oncologist. On the basis of the size and tumor location, the kind of radiation therapy is chosen.
  • Enucleating of the eyes or the removal of the eye is also an option, but the muscles of the eyes and the eyelids are intact. Similar methods like removal of the eye content (evisceration) or removal of the eye including the eyelids (exenteration) are also suggested.
  • Chemotherapy is advised under strict care depending upon the condition of the patient.