Heart Cancer

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There are some cancers which are primary in which some of the cancers start and further develop in the heart. There are some metastatic tumors in heart which means that the cancer has its origins from another locations or area and has spread on to the heart. These tumors have an occurrence of twenty times more than all the primary kind of heart cancers although even the metastatic tumors are not that common.

Heart cancer

Cancers of the heart may develop from any part of the human heart. The myxomas which are benign in nature are the most common kind of tumors which arise from the heart. In the adults, the most common kinds of tumors related to heart which are malignant in nature are named as angiosarcomas. The angiosarcomas tend to arise and further develop in the atrium of the heart.

The second major common primary heart cancers in adults are known as the cardiac rhabdomyosarcoma. These tumors arise in the muscle cells that are cancerous. A few not so common kinds of primary tumors of the heart are the liposarcomas (cardiac), fibro sarcomas or the fibrous histiocytomas.

Causes of Heart Cancer

The cancer caused in heart has no known causes. As is it concerned with any kind of cancer, there are changes occurring inside of the cells, there might be an alteration of their concerned function and growth which is uncontrolled. The types of changes have the capability to occur anywhere inside any kinds of cells in the heart.

Signs and symptoms of Heart Cancer

Common symptoms of heart cancer are:

  • Pain in the chest or pressure
  • Pink frothy production of sputum accompanied with cough
  • Fatigue accompanied by fever
  • Arrhythmia which means the heart rhythm irregular in nature
  • Shortening of breath
  • Feet and ankles become swollen
  • Loss or gain in weight which is highly unexpected
  • Loss of strength resulting in weakness
  • Clubbing of fingertips (widening and thickenings of fingertips)

Serious symptoms of heart cancer are:

  • Coloration of tips or fingernails in blue
  • The levels of consciousness or alertness are changed like passing out or no response
  • The mental status or sudden behaviors gets changed like presence of delirium or lethargic nature, presence of hallucinations along with delusions
  • Coughs accompanied by blood (hemoptysis)
  • No production of urine. In the case of infants non-production of proper amount of urine
  • Not being able to move a part of the body or paralysis
  • Tachycardia or rapid rate of heart
  • Occurrence of respiration problems or problems in breathing like shortening of breath, difficulty in breathing, presence of wheezing or choking

In the case of serious symptoms, care of medical personal is required.

Treatment of Heart Cancer

Common treatments are:

  • Chemotherapy for the purpose of attacking affected cells and managing symptoms
  • Diets and proper counseling of diets to maintain nutrition
  • Heart transplant in a few selected
  • Palliative treatment for advanced stages for a better quality life
  • Physical therapy for strengthening the body
  • Radiation therapies for attacking the affected cells and managing the symptoms
  • Performing of surgeries for removal of the cancer and preserving of the function of the heart
  • A few complementary treatments include acupuncture, therapies of massage or yoga with nutritional and herbal supplements